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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Love letter"

Greetings Dear Reader!

Do you happen to remember when I received a 'love letter' from a random person at the jail? (See Jail Video ) Well guess who was given the letter today in order to file away, dispose of or do whatever she cared to do? Yours truly. promised earlier, here it is:

I know, I know. You can't actually read that, so I have typed the letter.  A few warnings first: do not drink anything while reading, do not read it out loud, do not read it while you are in the middle of a meeting, and most important....DO NOT COUNT THE SPELLING OR GRAMMER AGAINST ME!  You kind of lose some of the affect if I "correct" the letter so you will be reading it in all of its wondrous glory.  Also, please remember I would not be posting a letter or a picture of a letter from one of my clients.  I do not know this person and he does not know me.  I have not heard from him again (thank God) and I have no intention of writing him back.  With that being said, here you go:

To: My Dearly Beloved Black African American sister Ms. PD
From: your most undeserving interested young Black African American Bro Mr. Inmate
well Ms. PD I Don't mean to seem creeped out nor am I trying to be disrespectful or rude so forgive me if I seem to come off to Agressively forward toward you in any way. But iv allway been the type of young man to speak my mind. well Ms. PD I normally wouldn't have any intrest in Any chick "or female in. The law inforcement field period regardless of how Attractive They may look or not. But more so than a great outer Apperance you have a bad girls little Ms. Sneaky orra about you and I like That its something about you that just says sex" and murder l.o.l. but for real your are a very nice looking women. look all Bullshit Aside I would love to start over a New leaf with women with you I would love for you to be my lady friend until the good Lord above sees fit for you to find -another cause I know that I wouldnt be your first Nor would I Be your last. But I steel want my chance. well im going to be doing a little prision time here sortly and I would love to continue to write you As a penpale for Now and Nothing more cause like I said im turning over a New leaf yes im a convict yes im an x criminal sowhat your a lawyer l.o.l. yet people change o.k. love look if your married I respect that But still even the president cheat once in a while. look I had a lot of women in my time so you can say that I get round so Dont go there with me just get in the car and ride shut up and just let the radio play o.k. love. so Dont act like you never Ben downtown l.o.l. cause me myself you can find me any were from Holly wood to Holy Hood cause I know wHo and what I am I remember were I came from and what I had so Dont trip let me put a little Thuge in your life I want to share with you some of my Thuge passion so write me back as soon as possible yes" I have a little time on my hand but not enough for you to be acting ALL scared like Ill ruin your career or Damage your Image As A Lady of the law cause if you feel like that then you are the underserveing one in these matter's so go get yourself watered down come back to planet earth and fuck with beings we around here call humans cause right now you seem to be stuck on a planet called "to much Dam" law and order:" l.o.l. so with All that said I say this in Closeing look even if you turn me down At least be woman enough to let me know you can send me an fuck " you Letter or come see me and tell me face to face. Dont play cat got your tounge or ms. Scarry cherry like some inmature over rateD females would do.

ps. Im sending you a
coppy of A letter that I wrote
to one of my girl friend on valenti
ne's Day Tell me what Do you
Thing of it
Sincerely Mr. Inmate
The Priesident of real Nigga T.V.
Dot.Com "turn up" love"
"Dont Be Scared"
Yea, so THAT happened.
Until next time,

Be blessed, be careful, don't consent and don't confess.