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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sometimes my clients are part of my #100

98. Of #100daysofhappy I went to jail to see a client today. I walked in SO angry because 1) I just got him out of jail 4 months ago & 2) I am sick and don't want to be at the friggin jail. He walks in and asks if I received his letter yet. With a sniffle I say 'no' and ask him what it says. He wrote to apologize, to tell me that he knows he disappointed me and he was worried I was mad at him. He then (facing 2 new felonies) goes on to say that he can tell I don't feel well and I should go home. After discussing his upcoming court date, the discovery I have so far & fussing at him like he was my little brother, our visit was over. As the detention officer is taking him away, my client calls over his shoulder "Ms. Williams I know you're disappointed in me but I know you're gonna work hard for me. When you get me out I'm gonna take you to Olive Garden." His hard-headed butt made me smile. My clients work my nerve but they are definitely one of the #100thingsthatmakemehappy#100thingsthatmakemeweird