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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Don't be a baby

My initial career goal was to be an agent for the CIA or FBI.  My 2nd goal-a federal prosecutor.  I love the form and formality and the rules.  With that said, I have a lot of respect for prosecutors.  1 of my 3 legal mentors was a federal prosecutor for 26 years.  1 of my 3 legal mentors is currently a prosecutor.  It is with that respect that I say the prosecutor I saw today was a disgrace to the title.  In the 4 years I spent as a Criminology student, observing trials and interning with the Public Defenders Office, I have never seen such a level of immaturity.  In my 3 years as a law student, I have never seen such a piss poor example of what a good advocate is.  Finally, in the 4 years I have been out of law school I have never been ashamed to be a lawyer...until today.  From the time court was called to order to the time that it was dismissed for the day, if the judge entered a ruling the prosecutor didnt like--he huffed and puffed.  If the judge required the prosecutor to explain his line of questioning or respond to an objection--he huffed and puffed.  LOUDLY. 


Grow up man.  Put your big boy pants on and lets get on with this.

Until next time,

Be blessed, be careful, don't confess and don't consent.