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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


It's Friday night and your friends are bugging you about going out again. You have said 'no' for the last 3 weekends but they just aren't getting the hint. You know they are just worried about you because you and your girlfriend broke up last month but you really haven't been in the partying mood.

You're on your way home from work and you get a call from yet another friend.

"You need to come out, if for no other reason than to keep (fill in the name of the friend you have that you are always bailing out of trouble) from getting into trouble" your friend says. You sigh, roll your eyes and agree to meet up with them later.

Fast-forward a few hours and you are at the club, the crowd looks pretty nice, no one is starting any trouble and the music selection has been good. Then you see her, the most beautiful female you have seen in the place all night. Not only is she beautiful but she is sexy too. Coke bottle figure, form fitting dress, heels that make her legs look like they go on for days and a smile that could melt Antarctica.

Miss Sexy Beautiful sits next to you and says 'hello.' The two of you strike up a conversation at the bar as you watch your respective friends get drunk and dance. You assume she is the designated driver for the night because she never orders a drink and turns down your offer to buy her one.

The night is coming to an end so you and Miss Sexy Beautiful exchange names and phone numbers. You're not about playing games so you call her that night and the two of you talk all night long.

Fast-forward to next Friday, Miss Sexy Beautiful has asked to come to your place to 'hang out.' Of course you said 'yes'...she's MISS SEXY BEAUTIFUL! She comes in wearing jeans and a local University sweater and before you know it, the two of you are in the bed, the jeans are on one side of the room, the sweater is on the other and she is pulling your jeans off as you admire her matching Victoria's Secret underwear.

You and Miss Sexy Beautiful have had sex. She doesn't want to stay overnight, she makes some excuse about getting up early for something or other, kisses you and leaves.

Two weeks later you have not heard from Miss Sexy Beautiful and whenever you call her you are sent to voice mail. Your texts either go unanswered or she is very brief. You're chalking it up to a one night stand when you answer your front door to find the county deputy there ready to serve an arrest warrant.

Fast forward 5 years, the case involving the warrant the deputy was on your doorstep to serve has been resolved. At your attorney's advice, you plead guilty, paid your fines and attempted to move on with your life.

You lost your apartment, it was too close to a park;

You lost your job, it was too close to a school;

Your friends don't want to hang out with you, your face is in the $1.00 circulars sold at gas stations;

It has been hard for you to get a job because not only do you have a felony, you have the worst kind of felony.


No one really cares that it is rape in the 2nd degree which means you didn't force yourself on anyone. No one is bothered to find out that the young woman you allegedly raped looked, acted like and SAID she was 18 years old. She wasn't. She was 15...

You met her in an adult club?     So what?

You conversed with her at a bar?    Who cares?

She told you she was 18?    And?

You believed her when she told you she was 18?     That's your problem.

She looked 18?     Well, she wasn't.

Guess whose problem that is? YOURS.

Welcome to the life sentence that will make you more of a leper in society than women beaters, child abusers and murderers.



While the facts may not be exactly the same, the general gist of the Rape II story is. Rape in the second degree (most of the time) means that some little girl lied about her age, and some horny man believed her.  But think about this for a moment...even if the man didn't believe her so he demanded to see her driver's license and her driver's license said she was 18, he spoke with her mother and her mother (trust me, I have had it happen) said she was 18, he demanded to see her birth certificate and the date on what looked like an official birth certificate said she was 18 so he figured he had covered all of his bases but lo and behold that young lady is NOT 18, but 15.....Mr. Triple Check'em can still be convicted of Rape and forced to register as a sex offender.

This is the state of our system today because no one wants to be the one politician that is viewed as being soft on 'sexual predators', no one wants to hold the lying underage female (or male) accountable if it can be proven they lied about their age; no one wants to say to parents 'hey, how about you tell your daughter to take her breasts and her butt off of instagram and facebook.' So men and women who were 'tricked' get lumped into the same category as men and women who held someone down and forced them to do something against their will...smh...I keep saying it-I should have been a nurse.

I'm just on my soapbox today for some reason, no real moral to the story.

Until next time,

Be blessed, be careful, don't confess and don't consent.