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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Absence makes the heart...

I know, I know.  It's been a very long while and I have neglected you Dear Reader.  Well, a LOT has been going on.  I have sat second chair in a trial, I was asked to sit second chair in a trial that was dismissed at the last minute and I will be sitting second chair in a trial that is coming up.  In the mean time I have spent my days feeling a little more dumb every day.  Not to say that anyone in my office makes me feel that way.  To be honest, my office is kinda great--but each day I feel like there is more and more that I DON'T know.  I can't even get offended every now and then when someone says that they want a new lawyer.  I wouldn't want me either.  I guess my only saving grace is that, although this job wears me out and even though it may be hard for outsiders to tell, I really do care about what I am doing.  I may be a lifer :-)  I will try to be less neglectful to you Dear Reader, though I can make no promises.  I have decided to stop being lazy and to start (and finish) at least one of the books floating around in my head.

Until next time,